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Industrial Pallets
  • Highly flexible production thanks to high automation (robotics)

  • Countless variants and formats 

  • Also for food + pharmaceuticals

  • Maximum customization to customer requirements (twin pallets, paper support, etc.) 

  • Small batch sizes possible

  • Just-in-time delivery possible 

  • Thermo treatment according to IPPC standard, etc. 

Paper Industry Pallets

Example of highest precision in production: 

  • perfectly smooth surfaces 

  • guaranteed <=2mm top board distance coverboard spacing

  • plastic covering available in different thicknesses 

Daily, our customers choose from 5.000 pallet models which can be produced immediately in desired quantities.

Crates +
Special Packaging

Made-to-measure crates are possible from a batch size of 1 upwards.  ​

We also pack directly at our customers’ (e.g. for special transports, machinery, parts and installations). 


Based on a research project, the TEMA company’s digital networking was established with one of our major customers:​ 

  • The customer’s system and Tema‘s communicate independently: forecasts, requirements, delivery dates and incoming goods. 

  • Productions generator automatically constructs the pallet model, generates parts lists, sets machine parameters. 


Advantages for our customers: 

  • precisely manages pallet requirements

  • batch size 1 under industrial conditions

  • never out of stock through minimal lead time 

  • reduction of storage costs 

  • minimal processing effort 

Optimize your logistics with TEMA Industry 4.0. 

Optimize your logistics with
TEMA-Industry 4.0.



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